Why should I buy soy wax candles from Newman Candle Co.?

  • Our maker takes the time to perfect the formula and science behind every single candle that is made. Our goal is to blow you away with two things, performance and quality. In terms of performance, you will be getting a strongly infused candle that will deploy its aroma without a fault. Quality wise, you can expect the candle to bring a smile to your face because of the scent whether it's lit or not.

    How long will my candle last?                                                                            

    • It all depends on the proper care and trimming of the wick. We included estimated burn times in the description area under each candle. It is recommended that you trim your candle to 1/4" in between every burn and not light it for more than 3 hours.

    What should I do if the flame gets too high?

    • A flame that is too high or smoking indicates that it's time to trim the wick.

     Am I able to reuse or repurpose the candle container?                                   

    • Absolutely! To reuse the tin, jar, or mini dough bowl simply wash it out with hot soapy water, clean the excess and remove the wick holder.

     Why does my wood wick make noise?

    • We use wicks that have the crackling sound. It will subtly remind you of a campfire.

    Having issues with the scent throw?

    • If you can barely smell your candle it may be because it has been placed in a large open space. If you are looking to fill out a large room try two candles or a larger candle to get maximum scent.

    Why does my soy candle have frosting at the top?

    • Frosting is a natural occurrence in soy candles. If you see any frosting, it's normal and common and it will not affect your burn or fragrance.

    Do you take wholesale orders?

    • Yes. Please reach out to us through the contact us section and let's work something out.